When it comes to your relationship you might be asking yourself:

  • Have I made the right decision?
  • Is this relationship a mistake?
  • Do I really love them?
  • What if they aren’t ‘the one’?
  • Why do I feel this way all of a sudden?
  • What happened to the butterflies in my stomach?
  • Why do I feel so alone?
  • Does this mean my relationship is doomed?
  • What if this means I don’t love them anymore?
  • Why are things that I once found attractive about them now annoying?

These types of questions are completely normal and this e-course has been created specifically to assist you in understanding them. Relationship anxiety is real and more common then you think.

Broken up into 6 key lessons, the e-course focuses on providing you with insight and understanding for the following:

*An overview of what you are currently experiencing
*The questions you are asking yourself
*Emotions you may be experiencing
*What about your partner?
*Your ego and your pride
*Letting go and upgrading (focusing on singlehood)
*Negative thoughts and projection
*Gratitude and appreciation
*What ifs
*Misconception of ‘real love’
*What is love?
*Infatuation, lust and the ‘honeymoon period’
*Loving and nurturing yourself
*Understanding where you anxiety is coming from, managing it and tips to alleviate it
*What now?

These lessons also come with self development exercises, ensuring you’re discovering the cause of your concerns. It allows you to understand yourself, your relationship and your anxiety better. It provides you with tips and techniques to grow a healthy, satisfying and fulfilling relationship whilst you begin to understand and effectively manage where your anxiety (and relationship expectations) may be coming from.

See example screen shots of the e-course below: