Starting Today Coaching exists to help people. We aim to create and deliver tailor made experiences, sessions and workshops for clients who each have extremely different personal requirements and goals.

We understand and know that no two people are the same, we know that what helps one person might not help the next, which is why when clients work with us they receive assistance in a way in which they will benefit. We get to know our clients values, concerns, wants, needs and so much more and that’s when the changes and fun begins!

Megan (business owner and Life Coach) doesn’t talk generic ‘life coach babble’ and she never will. She’s honest and straight up when it comes to clients and believes everyone deserves the truth. This doesn’t mean that she is rude, it means that when you are working with her she will do everything in her power to get the best out of you (or your relationship).

Starting Today Coaching doesn’t promise you immediate changes after one session because we know that’s a lie and completely unrealistic. It will however promise that if you work consistently, you WILL get the results you desire.

Everybody wants a fantastic relationship, rewarding career, loving family, inner wellness and a life of accomplishment but are reluctant to put in the hard yards when it comes to maintaining and growing them, so let us fill you in on a little secret (on the house)…
All things that are worth having require perseverance, effort, time, dedication and discipline. These things are the ones that fill our hearts, grow our minds, reward our spirits and enrich our souls.

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